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True artistry and authenticity comes on rare occasions. It’s not often you find an artist who has come into their own at a young age, but this rings true Ohio native, Abby Davis. There’s a specific message Davis wants to bring out in her music. It’s a powerful message of hope, truth, and life. Not only with her words but through her modern worship sound, the singer and piano player wants nothing more but to stay true to her authentic self. Davis’ sound is a mix of modern worship with pop elements. You can pinpoint her influences in the craft she creates. “I’m inspired by everything. There’s not a lot of music where I’m from, but I listened to almost everything growing up. I love the older music like Chicago, and Journey. Pop music and contemporary Christian are genres I listen to as well.”
She wants her life to reflect truth and it shows in the way she speaks, and in the way she crafts her art. “I love music. I breathe music. I love developing an idea, and shaping it to paint a picture for people.” Obviously you can hear the God-given talent in her vocals while they speak volumes of emotions as she sings a simple lyric. She’s been playing piano since the third grade, and has been a lover of music her entire life. She displays her passions in a rare, authentic way. Her sound is distinct enough to know it’s her, and broad enough to relate to every word. She’s a small town girl with big dreams, and she’s up for the wild ride ahead of her. “It hasn’t been me who has gotten this far. It’s the Lord. That’s the message I want to spread. Someone is out there that cares for you more than anything. God is with you always, and I never want to stray from the message.”

``Abby's Sound``

It’s a powerful message of hope, truth, and life.


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